VR Games

Virtual Reality is the latest feather in the Gaming cap. No fun zone is complete without a Virtual Reality section, because after all, what is leisure if not escaping this world into another for a little bit. So come, step into new and better universes with us, ones of life, horror, animation and so many more choices!

Suspend reality & enter the world of fantasy. With our VR zones, leave the reality at our doorstep & explore universes of your calling.

VR Super Hero

VR Superhero is a colossal never-before-seen Virtual Reality gaming set-up that consists of over 22 games. These games are designed to accommodate the gaming fancies of people across the age spectrums. There are shooting games for the older populace who enjoy gaming and games like Fruit Ninja for the little ones. It’s the only gaming set-up that offers an array of choices, all better than the last. Within the games itself, there are plenty of choices and options to stud your gaming experience, and to enrich your time with the ‘Superhero’.

VR Superhero is here to change the face of Virtual Reality gaming and is here to stay.

VR Slide

VR Slide revolutionises the experience of watching a movie. Just slip in, choose an experience from over a wide selection of choices (horror, fun, animation, etc.) and allow the Slide to capture and transport you across millenniums and universes. The Slide will succeed in taking you to places without really moving you at all; a perfect weekend treat for kids and adults, across the ages.

The watching experience will never be the same again. Take a piece of technology with you!


You’ve heard of 4D, you’ve heard of 6D, get ready for the whopping experience of our very own 9D! Equipped with a massive range of options from horror to our older customers, to a fun animated bit for our younger patrons, 9D offers a perfect slice of virtual reality on a plate for all our customers; a fantastic weekend treat for all our customers, young and old.

Welcome to an experience crafted exclusively for you. Tailor-made according to the likes, dislikes, whims and fancies of the customers!

VR Bike

Ever wanted to experience the thrill of riding a bike on the road? Ever had to suppress that dream due to fear? Ever wanted your child to experience the joy of swerving on a bike in the streets? VR Bike is just for you.

With a choice of upto 5+ option, including biking on water, VR Bike becomes a perfect substitute to the thrill and chase of riding a bike. You can set the surroundings according to the choice of your young one, and let him cruise to his heart’s content. Fun knows no bounds with us!

VR Ferrari

Get a magnificent experience of driving a Ferrari down the roads of the city through our very own VR Ferrari. Paired with dazzling sights and roads that boast of the towns you’ve never seen, VR Ferrari will give your little one and experience he is bound to never forget. Forge their love for racing tracks and beautiful cars early on in life and pave way for an experience their child minds will hold on to forever with VR Ferrari!

VR Horse

You may not be able to ride a real horse, but you’ll always be able to ride our own VR Horse. Designed to give the ergonomic feel of a horse-riding experience, VR Horse is sure to be a huge hit among the younger section of our customers. Crafted with the movements and sway of a real horse, this one will forever be an experience your kid will look back on. Nothing will come close to the magical experience that VR Horse will present your tiny tots.


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