Funmax,we are an experienced entertainment based firm mainly focused on the happiness of children and whole family.The first FUNMAX Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) opened in Thalassery. With a clear perception over the limited presence of Family Entertainment spaces, Funmax has built itself to offer in large, but alike to all- kids, teens and adults!

Customers get to win fabulous prizes from the extensive range of unique and branded quality products from its prize counters. Equipped with the latest and classic games, FUNMAX offers its customers a truly fun-filled experience.

Our vision

To give advent to a space dedicated to revolutionise the concept of leisure and to give it a new face

Our mission

  • Offer international-level qualitty equipments and machinery to customers.
  • To value our customers spending ability and offer the best for the least.
  • To offer an unparalleled entertainment experience to customers from across the age spectrum.
  • To cultivate a leisure culture that is affordable and increases productivity in the long run.